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Amazing horseback riding experience

I had read about Dream Ridge Stables in the Oregonian, where it was described as someplace where you can really ride a horse, not just plod nose to tail along a trail. Dream Ridge's website tells nothing about trail rides, but an E-Mail to Karen got me set up with an appointment. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was the only person on the ride, and, as it turned out, the ride was only a small part of the experience. The first thing Karen did was put me on a saddle on a sawhorse. She adjusted the saddle perfectly, then worked with me on correct posture and movement. Next, I met Elmo, and walked him around the arena a few times before actually mounting. Once on Elmo, Karen gave me a thoroughly excellent riding lesson. She said her horses are all extremely responsive, and she likes to make sure that the riders understand and give the proper signals. Well. After all the balky old rental VW Rabbits I have been riding, Elmo was a Porshe! He went when I wanted to go, stopped when I wanted to stop, and everything in between. By the end of the lesson we were cantering around the arena.

After I had cantered to my hearts content, we went outside, and only after we had practiced in an open field for a while did we go on actual the trail ride. The ride was lovely, looping around through an old growth forest, and Karen put Elmo and me in the lead. After the trail ride, we played around in the field again, then finally headed for the barn.

Karen says she has lots of longer rides, and that often they trailer the horses to different locations.

I can't say enough in praise of my horseback experience at Dream Ridge Stables. I had expected a trail ride, but ended up with a full riding lesson. Karen is a really excellent teacher and runs a clean and happy facility. I was so excited by what I had learned that I felt I was flying all weekend.


Read the great article about Dream Ridge Stables from the Oregonian Here:



We offer Birthday Parties which all include instruction and customized; below is a very nice email we recieved from a hand led birthday party/lesson in October 2015

Hi Karen,
I just wanted to follow-up and say thank you. Everyone had a great time. One of the kids (Abby) said, "This is the best day of my life, and there's cake!"

I was really impressed by how well you worked with the kids, especially the ones that were nervous. All of your staff and your horses where perfect. I am sure Margie will want to continue pursuing her passion for horses and I am pretty sure Dream Ridge Stables would be a great place to do that. I look forward to our next visit.

Thanks Again,
Larry, Audra, Margie, Judah, and Larra.